Oorjit Granules

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Carrier based Consortia Biofertiliser

1. Azotobacter or Azospirillum : 1x107 cells/gm
2. PSB : 1x107 cells/gm
3. KMB : 1x107 cells/gm
4. Total Viable Count of all Microorganisms : 5x107 cells per gm

Benefits of Oorjit Microbial Consortia

1. Azotobacter increases nitrogen uptake, produce plant growth hormones (IAA, GA), vitamins enhancement in uptake of other nutrients like S, Fe & Zn.

2. Azospirillum is an associative micro aerophilatelic nitrogen fixer. This bacterium induces the plant foods to secrete and mucilage which aerates low oxygen environment and helps to fix atmospheric nitrogen.

3. PSB possess the activity to solubilize the Phosphorous by secreting organic acids which lowers soil pH and turns unavailable forms of soil phosphate to available form. Hence, helps in reducing phosphate dose by up to 50%.

4. KMB helps in mobilizing of potash from soil which present as either natural source or as salt of chemical fertilizer. Hence, helps in reducing use of chemical fertilizer and also wastage of costly fertilizer.

5. Consortia and natural carriers increase moisture holding capacity of soil by improving the physical and chemical properties of soil with aeration and water retention.

6. Reduced disease infestation up to some extent and increases plant ability to overcome from biotic and abiotic stresses

7. Improve coloration, appearance and shelf life of grains, perishable fruits & vegetables.

Available packing:
• 6 kg - Bag & Square container
• 10 kg - Bucket
• 16 kg - Square Container
• 24 kg - Bag
• 24 & 48 kg - Drum