Oorjit Liquid

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1. Seaweed Extract
2. Brasicca Napus Extract
3. Fulvic Acid

Benefits: Facilitates metabolic activity governing:

1. Photosynthesis: Helps in cell division and increases chlorophyll concentration and better stomatal functions resulting optimal vegetative growth.

2. Anti-stress activity: Triggers resistance against biotic and abiotic stress, protect against radiation, prevention & speedy recovery from all stresses.

3. Chelating activity through amino acids & Nutrient Uptake: Easy uptake and transportation of micronutrients and other major nutrients.

4. Root Development & Improved Soil Health: Facilitates growth of beneficial microbial count leading to enhanced white root development and improved soil health.

5. Pollination and Fruit Formation: Facilitates transportation of pollen, reduced flower drop, better fruit set, uniform fruit size, increased lusture /colour, increased fruit yield, early harvest with enhanced shelf-life.

Available Packing: 250, 500 & 1000 ml