Prerak Wheat

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Liquid Consortia Biofertiliser

1. Azotobacter or Azospirillum : 1x108 cells/ml
2. PSB : 1x108 cells/ml
3. KMB : 1x108 cells/ml
4. Total Viable Count of all Microorganisms : 5x108 cells/ml


1. prerak wheat has both endophytic and exophytic microbes which are able to fix Nitrogen from soil as well as air reducing dependence on chemical fertilizer.

2. prerak treatment ensures availability of all nutrient at different crop growth stages as microbes facilitate P solubilization, K mobilization, S oxidation and Fe & Zn chelation.

3. Seed treatment ensures better germination, higher and uniform plant establishment and enhanced vigor.

4. Boost Root growth and improves nutrient and water uptake efficiency.

5. Increases ability to resist/ overcome impact of biotic & abiotic stresses.

Available packing: 80, 240, 480 & 1000 ml