Grow Hume

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Plant & Soil Conditioner

1. Humic Acid
2. Fulvic Acid
3. K2O


1. Increase Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) leads to higher Nutrient Use Efficiency by preventing leaching of nutrients instead making it available for plant uptake.

2. Helps soils hold water and facilitate release during stress increasing plants ability to tolerate water stress.

3. Assimilates / adds carbon and mineral substances essential to plant growth as well as acts as source of energy for beneficial soil microflora.

4. growhume increases the penetration and retention of Calcium (Ca) in the subsoil and plant root zone. Calcium retention plays most important role in promoting cell development resulting in healthier plants with increased immunity to resist diseases and delivering better crop quality.

5. growhume makes soil more porous with increased soil aeration and wettability facilitating vigorous root growth and penetration leading to stronger plants.

6. It acts as pH balancer, neutralizing both alkaline and acidic soil pH.

It is synergist with all NPK based fertilizers (bulk & water-soluble fertilizers) and retains them to release in root zones as needed.

Available packing: 100, 250 & 500 gm