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Importance of Soil Organic Carbon Management for Climate-Resilient Agriculture

SOC refers to “The carbon stored in the soil in the form of organic matter, such as decomposed plant and animal materials”. Implementing SOC-focused strategies can have multiple benefits, including enhancing soil health, improving water retention, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the amount of carbon storage in the soil thus, increasing the resilience of agricultural systems to climate change impacts. Necessitating a shift to regenerative agricultural practices that improve SOC is the most critical pathway to rejuvenating the soil. 


Is organic farming same as carbon farming?

Farmers nowadays are under a lot of pressure to increase production to keep up with the increasing demand for food with high nutritional content. This pressure might push them to use excessive chemicals to improve food production and feed a growing population. The advancements in agricultural technology, such as high-yielding varieties and precision fertilizer application techniques, are increasing crop productivity and quality.

Grow Indigo Partnership

Grow Indigo, Dvara E-Registry partner to connect farmers to carbon markets

Grow Indigo and Dvara E-Registry (DER) have partnered to promote climate-smart agricultural practices and create income opportunities for farmers. This collaboration will connect smallholder farmers to the carbon market through the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices, thereby creating a win-win situation for both the environment and the farming community, Dvara said in a statement.

Importance of biologicals for improving soil phosphate levels

Importance of biologicals for improving soil phosphate levels

The book “Soils for Nutrition: State of the Art” by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), provides a detailed overview of the state of the art of soil science and its relevance for human nutrition. The book covers various topics such as the role of soils in nutrient cycling, the impact of land use and management practices on soil fertility and food security, and the potential of soil management to improve human nutrition.

Agritech Startup Grow Indigo Raises $6 Mn+ Funding To Grow Carbon Farming In India

Mumbai-based agritech startup Grow Indigo has raised more than $6 Mn in a fresh funding round from Indigo AG, Mahyco and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). Including the current fundraising, Grow Indigo claims to have raised a total of $13 Mn to date. Founded in 2019, the startup offers agritech solutions to address climate-related changes in the …

Agritech Startup Grow Indigo Raises $6 Mn+ Funding To Grow Carbon Farming In India Read More »

How does agriculture act as an agent of climate solution?

Agriculture in India is responsible for around 17% of the country’s gross domestic product and employs approximately 60% of the population. It not only enables people to earn a living but also enables us to feed ourselves and has the potential to reduce the negative consequences of climate change. Lands used for agriculture can absorb and store significant quantities of carbon, which may be one answer to the problem of climate change on a worldwide scale. 

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