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How do we do agriculture differently?

Grow Indigo Private Ltd is working with farmers helping them adopt Sustainable Agriculture solutions and contribute to Climate change. Grow Indigo's endeavour is to continue develop and come-up with solutions that determines how farmers earn a reasonable return adopting sustainable inputs.

Grow Indigo's Agro Input Portfolio works around making each seed produce, regenerate soils for increased productivity with enhanced Nutrient & Water Use Efficiency (NUE/WUE), crop protection against pest and diseases using biological and botanicals solutions, meet nutrient requirements from natural resources and providing solutions to overcome various environmental stresses faced by crops.

Sustainable Agriculture or adoption of sustainable inputs is need of the hour to ensure future generations get healthy planet. Grow Indigo provides effective solutions to farmers / growers / Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO's) / corporates willing to move to sustainable Agriculture. Using Grow Indigo's Agro Input solutions will help mitigate risk associated with climate changes.

Our sustainable product portfolio provides products for the entire cropping system. Imagine each seed helping you produce more, soils that are brimming with beneficial microbes and activity that improves our soil health, NUE, WUE, better ability to resist stresses and productivity for the farmers.

The testimonials of our customers highlights the benefits seen by them and the effectiveness of the products be it as fertilizer substitutes, seed treatment solutions, biopesticides, nutrients and more.

Our commitment:

Biological products in the market have been inconsistent in quality with an approach of “one fits all”. We strive to have crop specific products and assure highest quality of products.

To this end, our current portfolio is constantly adding new products to ensure that we offer a full basket of products to meet the needs of the smallholder farmers. Our in-house research team is unique in this industry, developing a full pipeline of products to keep products available in the changing environment.

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