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Biostimulants and Adjuvants

Go beyond traditional fertilizers and unlock your plants’ true potential with our innovative biostimulants. These natural solutions gently enrich the natural levels of plant hormones, acting as catalysts for robust growth and development. Experience stronger roots, healthier blooms, and increased resistance to stress for an all-around thriving garden. Discover the power of biostimulants and witness the vibrant transformation in your plants.

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    Our Products

    Grow Maxx

    Novel formulation Biostimulant containing Plant extracts and Bio-stimulants.


    Natural Organic and Nano Silver based Biostimulant


    Silicon based Non-ionic Sticker, Spreader, penetrator

    Oorjit Liquid

    Biostimulant with Seaweed, Fulvic acids, and plant extracts

    Grow Hume

    Biostimulant with Humic acid and potassium humate

    Benefits To Farmers

    Boost Moisture & Nutrition

    It helps in increasing water retention capacity and increases the calcium and other micronutrient uptake.

    Optimize Flowering & Fruit Development

    It helps in better flowering with less flower drop and better flower to fruit conversion ration.

    Stress Shield

    It plays protective role in plants under various stress situations, showing significant improvements in plant growth water uptake, photosynthesis, and yield.

    Enhanced Uptake & Rainfastness

    It increases the uptake of all agro chemicals into plant tissue by penetration and exhibits superior "Rain Fastness" and avoids the loss of chemicals in sudden rains.

    Power Up Your Sprays

    Servon is a silicon-based formulation that acts as a spreader, sticker and penetrator.

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    Increase flowering with Oorjit Liquid

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    Boost Crop Health and Yield with Grow Hume

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