Enhanced Crop Growth with microbiological approach

Seed Treatment

Prerak is a unique seed treatment formulation utilizing meticulously selected microbial consortia and a specialized biosticker. Through rigorous lab and greenhouse testing, strains are chosen for their ability to fix nitrogen, solubilize key nutrients, secrete auxin hormones, and enhance various growth parameters. Compatibility with other agricultural inputs and synergistic effects are further assessed before selecting the optimal combination for specific crops.

The biosticker ensures efficient seed coating, promotes prebiotic benefits, and extends the shelf life of the consortia. Prerak offers several advantages, including ready-to-use application for farmers, endophytic and exophytic bacterial strains, crop-specific variants, and prolonged on-seed shelf life, enabling both direct use by farmers and integration into seed company operations. This innovative approach harnesses the power of beneficial microbes to improve germination, root growth, stress tolerance, and ultimately, crop yield.

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    Our Products

    Prerak Rice

    Novel microbial consortia formulation for Rice

    Prerak Cotton

    Novel microbial consortia formulation for Cotton crop

    Prerak Drip

    High quality Liquid Consortia Biofertiliser powered with Carbon

    Prerak Millet

    Novel microbial consortia formulation for Millet


    Novel microbial consortia formulation, which is a mix of exophytic & endophytic microbes

    Prerak Pulses

    Novel microbial consortia formulation for pulses

    Prerak Soya

    Novel microbial consortia formulation for Soyabean

    Prerak Wheat

    Novel microbial consortia formulation for Wheat

    Prerak Chickpea

    Liquid Consortia Biofertiliser

    Benefits To Farmers

    Better emergence and establishment

    Seed treatment with prerak ensures endosperm is enriched with essential nutrients needed for early and healthy emergence of radicals and plumules. prerak application ensures softening of endosperm, resulting in early and uniform germination. Better and vigorous plant establishment ensures increased ability of plant to fight and overcome weed competition of light, nutrient and food.


    Prerak is ready to use formulation. It helps to fixes nutrients through action of Plant Beneficial Microbial consortia (PBMs). It helps in NUE by Nitrogen (fixation), Phosphorus (Solubilisation), Potash (Mobilization), Sulphur (Oxidation), Zinc & iron (Chelation) in Soil.


    PBMs in prerak triggers optimal functioning of plant metabolic & physiological activities through production of various beneficial hormones i.e. IAA, GA, Nicotinic acids etc whichwhich help in overall growth of plants. also help to withstand drought, incessant rainfall, heat & radiation. It further helps in reduction of up to one irrigation by promoting well developed rhizosphere.

    Stress Tolerance

    For better yield it is very important for plant to become stress free and remain healthy. Microbes present in Liquid Consortia helps plant with better enzymatic process, plant metabolism and resistance against biotic and abiotic factors. Early vigour and healthy plants have a better ability to withstand stress.

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