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Agriculture contributes to about 16% of India's GDP and caters to about 43% of the workforce. Adoption of technology through digital platforms is proving critical in the transformation of this sector. This revolution aims at eliminating inefficiencies and boosting productivity. A win-win for both farmers and retailers! This is where Grow Online plays a key role in facilitating this transition. Grow Online, an initiative of Grow Indigo intends to intervene at the input side of the value chain.

Why inputs? Inputs drive productivity.

Farm inputs range from the most familiar seeds to fertilizers, farm equipment, pesticides, and water-related inputs such as pumps, irrigation equipment, and solar devices.

Due to lack of availability or access, farmers struggle to get the right inputs. An effective value chain helps identify issues and plug gaps. Thus, we stepped up to let farmers and retailers evolve by incentivizing genuine high-quality inputs.

We, at Grow Online, thrive to reach the smallest retailers, provide access to a range of products, sort out the logistics and connect them to additional services ensuring growth for them.

Empowering retailers as a means to serve smallholder farmers.

About Grow Online App

What exactly are we doing??

Grow Online is an agriculture online shopping marketplace for regenerative inputs.

We act as a mega distributor and help B2B retailers to buy and sell goods online in a secure, transparent, and effortless manner on a single platform. We are a marketplace for companies to sell their agri-input products directly to retailers all across the country.

Our app makes this easily possible with the growing number of retailers using smartphones, serving these product categories:

seeds farming


seeds farming


seeds farming

Farm Equipment

seeds farming

Mulching Films

seeds farming


seeds farming

Storage Bags

seeds farming

Irrigation Equipment

For Buyers

Are you a buyer? An agri-input retailer, nursery, or a farmer producer organization? We understand that dealing with different farming or agro suppliers for different products can consume a lot of your energy and valuable time. Thus, we have built this app as a simple solution. With Grow Online,

Get access to 60+ brands and 1000+ agri-input products.

Get better prices for all products, directly from suppliers

Get your essential needs delivered free right at your doorstep.

Pay via any mode of payment - cash on delivery, online transactions via card, UPI, or net banking.

Track your order status through the app

Avail of attractive offers and rewards throughout the year!

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How to order on Grow Online App?


The very first step is to download the Grow Online App from Google Play Store.

Register by sharing minimal information about yourself in just a few clicks.


Look for the availability of the required product of a required brand and its price and compare it with other products.

Considering to purchase, add that product to a cart to order without any hassle directly.


Provide the address details for successful delivery at your shop and place your order.

Opt for Cash on Delivery or online payment options and verify the product once received.


What our Customers
say about us?

Suresh Kumar Vinod Kumar Chhajed And Bros

Khargone(West Nimar), Madhya Pradesh

Red Gram

I had ordered Red Gram of Ankur from the Grow Online platform during the Kharif season. I had a smooth experience of ordering through the app. Major delight was the fast delivery as I got my order delivered the next day. I also liked their customer handling process which I will surely adopt for my business. I would recommend others to try ordering from Grow Online App.

Shree Umiya Agro Service Center

Aravalli, Gujarat

Black Gram

Cotton seeds

I connected with Grow Online in the Kharif season and tried ordering Black Gram of Saga. I liked their service and ease of ordering through the app. I placed a second order for Cotton seeds of Vikram during the season and had the same experience. I would surely recommend others to order seeds from Grow Online App.

Shasymitra Agro India Pvt Ltd




I am a trader and with the help of Grow Mandi, I was able to get Wheat, Potato, and Maize at a good price. The products I got were of desired quality and there was no hassle of transportation either. Materials got delivered to the selectedlocation. The payment process is also very easy.

Green More Organic Foods Ltd

Madhya Pradesh



Earlier I had limited access to sellers of wheat and rice in the nearby locations but with the help of Grow Mandi, I am able to get desired quality with an easy process of payment. Quality testing was done by the company.

Rajendra Enterprises

Madhya Pradesh



We used to have issues in finding sellers of commodities. With the help ofGrow Mandi, we easily got the commodities we wanted and also at a great price even better than the expectations. Other features like the daily mandi rate are also very helpful for all stakeholders to stay up to date with the market prices.