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Company Overview

Grow Indigo is leading the transformative movement towards regenerative agriculture in India, seamlessly blending the expertise of Mahyco and Indigo Ag – our parent companies – in the pursuit of sustainable climate solutions. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering smallholder farmers. We strive to maximize their profitability by introducing innovative and sustainable approaches and products that optimize yields, enhance income and reduce resource wastage.

For us, the driving force transcends mere provision; it’s a commitment to forge a sustainable future. This commitment manifests through a symphony of biological and digital solutions, a harmonious blend that not only imparts farmers with timely and pertinent information but also acts as a catalyst in the ongoing narrative of enhancing soil well-being. In essence, Grow Indigo doesn’t just offer solutions; it catalyzes a paradigm shift, empowering farmers with the tools to cultivate not only bountiful crops but also a flourishing, resilient earth.

Board Members

Our Board of Members is a fusion of diverse talents, united in their commitment to propel Grow Indigo to new heights.

Grow Indigo: Team Spotlight

Get to know the faces behind the scenes – Meet our dedicated team of experts, each bringing a unique blend of passion and expertise to drive our shared vision forward

Business Principles

We believe in growing more than just crops


This principle emphasizes on the organization's ability to respond quickly and efficiently to changes, opportunities, and challenges. It emphasizes reducing unnecessary delays, streamlining processes, and fostering an agile and responsive organizational culture.


The Scaling principle helps us to grow and expand our operations. This involves increasing the size and scope of the organization, our market presence, and our capacity to handle larger volumes of work or customers.


Standardization helps us establish and adhere to standardized procedures, protocols, best practices. This principle helps ensure consistency, quality, and efficiency across various functions within the organization as well as brand communication.


This principle helps in setting organization's focus on providing high-quality services to its customers. It encompasses not only the core products or offerings but also additional services that enhance the overall overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Our Initiatives

Our integrated solutions -Biologicals, Grow Online and Carbon – enable smallholder farmers and other ag stakeholders to adopt and benefit from sustainability opportunities while embracing their part in fostering climate solutions.


By utilizing beneficial plant microbes and leveraging agronomic insights, we strive to sustainably produce remarkable harvests through our high-quality crop inputs.

Grow Online

Linking top agri-input brands with agricultural retailers of all sizes to ensure accessibility, efficiency and transparency for all.

Carbon Farming

Combining sustainabilty with profitability by connecting farmers with voluntary carbon markets, helping them become agents of positive change while generating additional income.
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