Unleashing Nature's Secrets for Sustainable Farming

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    Why Biologicals?

    Embark on a revolutionary journey with Grow Indigo, where the future of farming unfolds in the vibrant synergy of nature and technology. Our Biologicals aren’t just products; they are tech-driven innovations that’s future-ready and field-tested. Picture bespoke solutions cultivated for your fields’ unique needs from our growing portfolio of Biologicals, ensuring your agricultural journey is as unique as your land.

    We’re not just keeping up; we’re staying ahead, shaping a future where every leaf, stem, and harvest is a testament to our commitment to solution-driven excellence.

    Our Journey Of Commitment


    Started its operation in two states, Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh, with only a single product, i.e.  Prerak


    Added Haryana, Rajasthan, UP & Karnataka, added products in bio-stimulants (Growhume & Oorjit Liquid) & Soil Health categories (Oorjit Granules Range).


    We started our operations in Punjab, HP, Uttarakhand, Gujarat & Telangana, added products in crop protection category i.e., Bhujbal & Colossal.


    Added Bihar, J & k & Assam, Micronutrient was added to our portfolio.


    We are operational in 16 states, with WB & Chhattisgarh as our recent additions, we are operational in 5 categories with 24 products and more than 100 SKUs.

    Our Products

    A range of tailor-made biological products to suit the unique agricultural needs of farmers

    The Rewards of Indigo Biologicals

    Unveiling Nature’s Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture.

    Enhanced Agricultural Productivity:

    • Agro inputs maximize seed potential, boosting overall crop productivity.
    • Enhanced NUE/WUE optimizes resources, elevating productivity per input unit.

    Environmentally Friendly Crop Protection:

    • Botanical solutions protect crops without harmful chemical reliance.
    • Less chemical use promotes overall environmental health, minimizing harm to non-target organisms.

    Climate Resilience and Mitigation:

    • Aligning with climate goals, Grow Indigo mitigates risks for farmers.
    • A sustainable portfolio fosters resilience, aiding adaptation to environmental changes.

    Research & Development

    Grow Indigo utilizes cutting-edge technology and scientific research to develop powerful biological products for sustainable agriculture. Our dedicated team isolates and selects microbes from resilient ecosystems, rigorously testing and combining them into proprietary formulations that enhance farm productivity and soil health.

    These easy-to-use products, designed for seamless integration with existing practices, undergo comprehensive laboratory, greenhouse, and field trials to ensure effectiveness before reaching farmers.

    Farmer Testimonials

    Unleashing expertise for impactful online videos. Elevate your content with us.
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    Sahi Shuruaat with Prerak

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    Increase flowering with Oorjit Liquid

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    Grow Phos: A Unique Natural Phosphorus Alternative for Plants

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